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Who we are & why it matters

We are a team of experienced, professional RNs that bridge the gap in healthcare by bringing compassionate, convenient care to our communities in a non-traditional but incredibly beneficial way! 


Owner, CEO

lisseth degracia

Dynamic Drips was founded by Lisseth DeGracia, a Panamanian who fled the country during tumultuous times at the age of four with her parents, siblings and little else. Lisseth become a fierce competitor at a young age, using this drive throughout life, to complete nursing school while working in the service industry and being a full-time mother. As a nurse Lisseth continued to broaden her knowledge base and skill set while working in Emergency Medicine and level 1 Trauma for the duration of her career. At the height of COVID she felt compelled to be on the front lines in New York City, leaving her family while she cared for sick patients at the epicenter of the pandemic. Through these experiences, Lisseth saw first hand the shortages of available care at the hospitals - she believed there was a better way for people to receive essential treatments and receive nursing care outside of a hospital setting. She started Dynamic Drips to bring an alternative into nursing to the world. While focused on growing Dynamic Drips with her clients in the forefront, she has given fellow nurses a career opportunity outside of a hospital setting, while still giving exceptional care through Dynamic Drips and IV Vitamin infusions.

Meet the team

Laurel, RN

Maribel, RN

Jenn W, RN

Stephanie, RN

Abbi, RN

Beth, RN

Cori, RN

Angela, RN

Johnna, RN

April, RN

Renae, RN

Jessica, RN

Jordie, RN

Ashley, RN

Haley, RN

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our reasons why

DD core values

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We want to bring humanity back into healthcare. By taking into consideration a diversity of values, beliefs, needs, and wants, we strive to truly understand each and every one of our clients.

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Accountability is the foundation on which relationships and trust are built, and is one of the fundamentals of our interaction with every client. We do the right thing, regardless of who is watching and hold ourselves accountable for meeting and exceeding our standards.

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Respect builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing. In our relationships with our clients, we value respect. We commit to respect, positivity, engagement, and to providing our best care.

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Excellence is a contagious way of life. At Dynamic Drips, we model a positive example of pursuing high expectations. Our goal as a company is to improve for our clients every day.

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minority owned

Why choose
Dynamic drips?

Dynamic Drips is a mobile IV infusion and wellness company that brings IV hydration and vitamin treatments directly to you, at a location of your choice. All treatments are administered under a DO, by Registered Nurses. All ingredients are sourced from pharmacies that meet and exceed national compliance standards. As a fully Women Owned Company and a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, we are compelled to pursue trusting relationships with a diversified clientele through advocacy, and compassionate care in the communities that we serve as healthcare providers. This commitment aligns with Dynamic Drip’s key values of a devotion to integrity, compassion, excellence, and respect. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients while helping them feel their best!

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Dynamic Drip Team


“The ladies/nurses from Dynamic Drips were a fabulous addition to our store party. They were very informative and professional, yet fun to interact with.  I would highly recommend them!”

- — Connie Sauer, May 2023